On Thanksgiving and the USPS, and no more Facebook…and Suburbans.

Okay, so I am new to this blogging thing and probably over-excited.  The challenge I received from my husband to “quit” facebook was taken up with a little trepidation.  He felt I was a facebook addict…I wasn’t so sure.  So…for his birthday, I gave up facebook for a year.  Little did I know that it would lead me to blogging.  

I am guessing that this is my new online addiction.  It is somewhat of a freeing experience.  I get to just write about happenings: No fear of who is going to view my daily post;  No reading of the daily “fakebook” statuses (as my one of my faithful friends put it so kindly).   So anywho…

I went out today to get the mail, retrieved it with hopes of some kind of grace and got some bills and reminders that there is a son with college bills, a cellphone bill that is piling up…and totally stepped over a birthday package for the husband.

Today is the day that the husband sells his beloved truck..the truck that has sat in the driveway for 6 years…the one thing that he has held on to to express that he is a Man!…For years I have wished that truck out of the driveway…The truck that when my son first saw it said, “Mom, that is ridiculous!”…And when I heard the buyer start it up, amazingly, I cried.  I love this man, the one that I have pledged to be with until the end of time…I feel his grief.

I digress…so, the birthday package that I stepped over.  It came from Arizona:  From the dad that whenever my husband hears “Cats in the Cradle” he wells up in tears.  That package contained so many heartfelt gifts…Tuna, Dried cherries, Chocolates from Trader Joe’s…foods that came from the heart of a family that cares enough to think about what we really like …to gas cards and breakfast certificates…It all came at a time that two proud “kids” who don’t want any special favors, really needed it.

And so I thank the USPS for still being there, for the reasons that we need Thanksgiving every day…and for family…family that God in his most infinite wisdom knew where we had to belong.


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