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It has been an exciting new year!

I have been out of the loop for awhile.  A lot of things have taken place.  Got a new job and that has been taking up all of my time.  I gave up all social media for a while so I could get used to everything.  I have also given up facebook again for awhile.  I’m not even sure if I will ever go back…Well, maybe to take a sneak peek on what is going on with all my friends, but it just seems like a total hassle and not what I am into right now.  I got a Pinterest account…that has been fun.  I have been thinking about where I want my blog to be.  I’m not really sure what that is going to look like yet.  My new job focuses on prevention of child abuse and I am really leaning toward using my blog as a place to come to for information for that.  So many things have been taking my mind up lately.  Stay tuned to where my mind and creativity lead me.  And thanks for following.



One week of blogs…Thank you to my followers.

I have been here for one week.  It has been fun and I have almost kept up my daily post.  (None on Thursday, but I will tell you why a little later…it has to do with reading.)

Today I want to thank, Simple Speedy Snacks, Lesley Carter, Matt, Soul Blind Ministry, and Talinorfali   for following my blog.  These people give me an accountability to post every day, but also, give me a reason to keep going.  I appreciate you all and enjoy reading about what you have to say!

Just a little bit of a disclaimer…I went with my mother-in-law the other day to the library.  When my oldest son was home for Thanksgiving break he turned us on to the Game of Thorns series.  We ended up watching the whole season in one day…I got hooked and so, I got the entire five book series (all at least 800 pages).  So, I may be reading for the next two weeks.

We shall see, but as a readaholic, I may be distracted!!

Happy Holidays 🙂

Tj’s Art

This is a new page showcasing my son’s art:

Check it out

Tj’s Art

Advice I Wish I Received Earlier

Teacher’s Office, Korea

I wish that I would have received more advice on what career to choose. When I was a senior in high school, my guidance counselor said “You are good in math, be a math teacher.” Well, I did do what she told me I should do and I love being a teacher, but I think that there were many more options out there for me.

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