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Thankful Thursday – “I got the job!”

Well, I am so excited to say that I got a job offer today.  (after 5 weeks of interviews)  I will be the new supervisor of family support specialists at the Healthy Families  program in Elkhart County.  This has been such a long process, one that I have prayed for and placed my trust in.  I have learned one thing in my journey with God, never ever pray for patience!  He will give you opportunity to learn it that is for sure!

God, in his ever wisdom, though…He provides. Matthew 6:28-34.  How is it that we always question, fret, worry…when God knows His plans for us?  He, alone, knows what is good and right.  If we trust in Him, there is nothing that we need worry about.  Make yourselves a place for Him every morning, every night before you sleep…That is what He wants more than anything.  Just to know you, share with you, provide for you.

Thank you, God.  For all that you do.  For things yet unseen, for all that I don’t know.  You are my one true King.